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Dubai’s real estate market is known as one of the most sought-after and exciting in the world. With its progressive economy and unparalleled luxury, Dubai offers attractive returns for investors looking for something unique and profitable. Do you want to invest in real estate in Dubai and be completely unburdened? Get to know Pegani Dubai.


Invest with our advice services in Dubai

We are a company operating in Dubai as a broker for companies and investors. Despite the distance, we make sure that the experience for our clients is just as good as in the Netherlands.

Why invest in Dubai?



Dubai offers a wide range of apartments, villas and townhouses for sale with different developers and communities. Discover your dream home with Properstar, your one-stop-shop for real estate in Dubai.


Dubai’s real estate market is unique and requires a reputable real estate expert to guide you through the process. With us, you will get the best service and guidance on buying real estate in Dubai tailored to your specific needs.


Dubai’s rental yields exceed many other real estate markets, with gross yields ranging from 5% to 9%. In addition, property costs per square foot are cheaper than in many other cities, making it a cost-effective option for real estate investment. And with the ability to obtain a residential visa by buying real estate, Dubai only becomes more attractive as an investment destination.


When buying property in Dubai, there are some important aspects to consider, such as:

The neighborhood facilities and services are all available, such as proximity to public transportation, education, and child care.
market conditions (and the best time to buy).
Take advantage of our expertise and save time researching the various options.


Buying property in Dubai is a simple process that begins with the buyer and seller agreeing on terms. A down payment and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) are then signed. This is followed by the application for a declaration of no objection and the payment of outstanding service fees. Finally, the property is legally transferred and you receive a new title deed in your name.


Not ready to buy property in Dubai? You can also come to us to rent apartments in Dubai. Contact us for more information.


Do you have real estate and want to take advantage of more opportunities? Pegani Dubai can help you rent out your property, in addition to purchasing, managing and maintaining properties for our clients. We take care of all the arrangements, so you don’t have to worry. Together we can determine which options are best for you when you decide to rent out your property.

There are two rental options: long-term and short-term.

Long-term rentals are for a minimum of one year and offer the advantage of knowing in advance what your rental income will be and who your tenant will be for that year, without interim changes.

Short-term rentals are usually for a few days to weeks or months, often to expats or tourists. This may involve corporate tenants who need a home temporarily due to a business trip, or you may offer your property for rent to tourists through platforms such as Airbnb. The advantage of short-term rentals is that you can expect higher rental income, but management costs will also be higher. Another advantage of short-term rentals is that you can use your property yourself when it is not rented out, such as for vacations or short getaways.

Management & Maintenance

If you own a real estate property in Dubai, Pegani Dubai can completely take care of the management and maintenance of your property for you so that you don’t have to worry about it yourself. Whether you are renting out your property or using it yourself, we will ensure that your property remains in top condition and you will be completely unburdened. Our maintenance service ensures that your property is cleaned (daily) and kept in good condition, so that you and your tenants can always enjoy a perfect space in Dubai.


Pegani Dubai offers you the opportunity to invest in a rent-to-rent apartment. This type of apartment is rented and then made several separate spaces, suitable for multiple occupants. The big advantage of this is that you can charge a higher rent, allowing you to make a return on your assets without large investments. In fact, investing in a rent-to-rent apartment is possible from as little as 10,000 euros.

With Pegani Dubai, you don’t have to worry about arranging tenants, leases or payments. We take care of the apartment and modifying it to suitable spaces, and we also arrange everything around the tenants. So you have nothing to worry about here.

Pegani Dubai offers a complete end-to-end solution for applying for a UAE residence visa, both for you and your family members and employees. Applying for a UAE residence visa is recommended for those planning to start a business in the UAE, as it simplifies local banking and business and provides substance for your business. Employees of Mainland companies are generally granted a two-year visa, while business owners and most Free Zones issue work permits for a period of 3 years.

Both employers and employees can sponsor expats in the UAE as long as they have a valid residency permit/visa. Obtaining a UAE residency visa requires passing a medical fitness test, including a blood test and chest X-ray.

Pegani Dubai will guide you through the entire visa process, including applying for the visa entry permit and personal guidance on the medical fitness test. It is required that the person in question be in the country for about a week for the visa application. After the visa is issued, the person in question must return to Dubai within six months (180 days), or the visa will expire. In the case of a Dubai visa, it is mandatory to purchase health insurance, while it is not required for visas issued in other Emirates. The cost of health insurance starts at AED 925 per year.

Pegani Dubai provides complete relief from the visa process, including renewal or cancellation of your visa.


Selecting the right niche

When establishing a business in Dubai, it is important to consider the type of business and associated requirements for establishing in specific free zones. Although these restrictions exist, it can still be advantageous to locate your business near other companies in the same sector because of knowledge sharing and cost savings. For example, if your business depends on imports and exports, it may be wise to choose a free zone near an airport or port.

Choosing a company name

Before choosing a business name for your company in the UAE, it is important to check that it complies with the country’s naming regulations. For example, it is not allowed to use inappropriate language or expressions related to religious, sectarian or political organizations. Names that refer to well-known brands or that could be considered misleading are also not allowed. If you want to name your business after a person, that person must be a partner or owner of the business and you must use their real name, with no initials or abbreviations.


Paperwork you should have in order at a minimum when starting a business are the following:

  • Copies of the passports of all your shareholders to apply to the appropriate government agencies for your chosen business name and activities.
  • Some free zones in the UAE may require you to submit a business plan or obtain a Non-Objection Certificate (NOC). This is a certificate from your current shareholders confirming that you have permission to set up a new business in the country.
    If done poorly, the paperwork can be a time-consuming part of the process; however, this need not be the case. Your partner, such as Pegani Dubai, can help you through the process when setting up a company and ensure that all relevant documentation is completed.

Your license

This is the most important stage of the process. Once your application is submitted and accepted, you will receive a business license from the Government of Dubai. When your documents are ready for collection, we will notify you.

Opening a bank account

After you receive your documentation, you will have everything you need to open a business bank account at the right financial institution.

Visa application and submit

If you plan to conduct business activities in Dubai, it is necessary to establish yourself as a resident there. In order to do this, you will need a visa. Obtaining this visa can be a lengthy process, which is why it is wise to start on this in time. Our advisors are experienced in this area and can help you save time in this process.

Taxes in Dubai

Companies that want to pay taxes in Dubai must follow certain guidelines set by the local government. For starters, the company must be registered and operating in Dubai through a local company or branch and doing business.

Companies operating in free zones may be exempt from taxes for a certain period, which can be extended. However, there are also different regulations and restrictions for companies located in free zones.

Our advisors at Pegani Dubai are ready to assist you with various tax issues that may arise while doing business in Dubai. Also, our experts can assist you if you are planning to start a business in Dubai.


Would you like to schedule an appointment to talk about real estate opportunities in Dubai?



Would you like to schedule an appointment to talk about real estate opportunities in Dubai?

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